Giovanni Adventures

An Episode of Peace and Tranquility at Lake Norman

John, I have been up to my neck in alligators so to speak.
Trying to cover all bases at home and work.
Alvin has been in there painting for two days now.  It is amazing looking.
So much happier and brighter than that depressing beige.

My whole plan changed just this morning when I decided to take that red fireplace wall out and paint it the blue/green wall color.  It will all look wonderful, to me at least, when it is done.  He will be working at my house for two weeks.
You were born on the "Day of Beguiling Simplicity"  Go online and search for "Secret Language of Birthdays".  The whole thing will come up and you can look up your birthday.  There is also the "Secret Language of Relationships" and "Secret Language of Destiny".  The Destiny book is the bottom line of what your soul was sent here to learn in this time.  See if you can find their wheel of life showing the cycles from Aries to Pisces and all the steps involved.  It is fascinating.  I would be interested in your thoughts on the implications for reincarnation etc..